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In order to get the most out of your blog marketing strategy you need to have consistent quality content for attracting search engine traffic and an engaged audience.

At Real Authority Media, we are happy to announce we are now adding a SEO and Blog Management option to our Blog Writing and SEO Content Service.

We Help You Make The Perfect SEO and Blog Management Plan; So You Can Dominate The First Page Results!

There is no project that is the same, but overall we can implement a 4 step process for managing your SEO and Blog.

  • Create a targeted list of headlines and topics by researching your competition, overall market, and performing a search analysis.
  • We begin production on writing your blog articles.
  • We publish each article automatically to your blog with a weekly or biweekly schedule.
  • Tracking the performance of your SEO and Blog Marketing is included with an easy to follow Monthly Report.

That’s all there is to it! Our team of Writers and SEO Experts will seamlessly integrate into your business as an in-house SEO Content Marketing team.

Reach out to us on our Contact page to make an inquiry!

Now you can focus on running the other parts of your business and leave the SEO and Blogging to us!

Lot’s of people ask us asks us “Why Should I Outsource My SEO and Blogging?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for most businesses is super competitive and needs careful planning and execution if you are to land your website on the first page.

Businesses who want to get first-page rankings using Google Ads often spend an average of a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per click. The price per click depends upon how competitive your city is for the services being offered by your business.

By offering SEO Content Marketing Solutions to our clients, we’ll be able to help them get away from the trap of being to dependent on expensive pay-per-click costs that keep going up year after year.

We’ll be mostly focusing on Local SEO Campaigns. In some rare occurrences when a client has multiple locations or is competing for nationwide keywords, our SEO services will work for that situation as well.

If you are a business who is interested in knowing more about our SEO program, reach out to us via our Contact form.

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