7 Reliable Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


A website is a great tool to market your business, but unless you market the website, no one will see it. Building traffic to your website is a long-term process, and you may find that some techniques work better for you than others. These seven techniques have proven themselves over the years and across many industries, so this list is a great place to start your marketing process.

Build A Great Website

If people arrive at your site and aren’t satisfied with what they find there, they will not bookmark you, sign up for your e-mail list, or become customers. Even worse, when they see an ad or link to your brand in the future, they might not click it again. So before you start traffic-building, your site should offer a great user experience. Make sure your content loads quickly, is well-organized, and provides useful information in a format that’s not available anywhere else.

Write Outstanding Content

Most business websites include a blog, where you can share advice with your customers or potential customers, and it’s this content that will bring traffic from search engines. This content should address the kinds of questions your customers are turning to the internet to answer. What are the problems and issues that your readers face? What solutions can you offer that they aren’t getting anywhere else? If your industry is so glutted with information that it’s hard to be innovative, maybe your information can be more thorough, more entertaining, more succinct. Decide what sets you apart and focus on creating unique and fantastic content.

Optimize For Long-tail Keywords

It’s almost impossible to grab a healthy share of organic search traffic for one-word keyword phrases like “travel” or “camping.” But if you are very specific about what you’re offering — “budget travel for solo women” or “weekend tent camping” — you can build pages that will bring very specific search engine traffic to your site. If you’re working in WordPress, you can use the free version of the Yeost plug-in to check your pages for search-engine friendliness. Bonus: Writing for long-tail keywords will help keep your writing laser-focused on a specific topic. 

Advertise On Google And Facebook

Once you’re sure you have a great website and great content, the fastest way to bring people in is to advertise. Google Adwords is a powerful format that lets you set up search, display, or video advertising and target your audience very specifically. You can even remarket, targeting ads to people who’ve already visited your site once. Facebook advertising is also very powerful and popular, and you can include Instagram when you purchase your ads. Both of these formats will let you set your own daily or overall budget, which can be as small as a few dollars a day. 

Promote Through Content Networks

Have you ever been on a webpage that shows you related articles to the one you’re reading from across the web? Networks like Outbrain and Taboola will serve your content through “related reading” posts across their network of publishers. Like Google or Facebook, you control your expense by setting a budget for each campaign and a cost-per-click that you’re willing to spend. This is a great way to promote your best content to readers. 

Use Social Media To Engage

It’s not enough just to create social media pages for your business and broadcast your advertising through it. Use social media to share other people’s content as well, and to engage in conversations. Ask questions, conduct polls, and converse with the people who engage with you. When your paid advertising brings “likes” or comments, engage with those people as well and then invite them to follow you on the platform. 

Build An E-mail List

You’re bringing people to your site and they’re reading your great content– but now what? They may not immediately buy what you have to sell, but if you can get them to sign up for your e-mail list, you can build a relationship over time and turn them into customers. One of the best ways to get people to sign up is to offer them a free downloadable gift or enter them in a contest if they agree to be on your e-mail list. It’s a good idea to test different offers and find one that works before you spend a lot of ad dollars bringing traffic to the site. Send new subscribers an automatic welcome message and use your list to share your newest content and marketing messages.

As you test these ideas, you’ll find that some work better than others for you. Put more time and energy into the techniques that work best and keep refining your approach. The internet is constantly evolving, with changes to search engine algorithms and social media rising and falling in popularity, so keep freshening your techniques as you go forward.