How SEO Writing Can Add Value to Your Company


In this age of digital marketing, we’ve probably all heard the saying, ‘content is king’. And while it’s true that any sort of engaging content can add value to a company and their online presence, SEO intensive writing helps you connect with more members of your target audience so you can generate leads that are likely to convert.

This article will take a look at SEO content writing services and how they can boost your bottom line.

What is SEO Copywriting and How Can it Help My Business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of optimizing your website so it will appear on the top of search engines. There are many ways you can create and organize your content to ensure it will rank highly.

These include the following: 

  • Use of Keywords: Finding the right keywords to use is very important. Professional content writers will know how to find the keywords that will get your website to the top of search engines. They will also know how to incorporate these keywords into your content for maximum search-ability.
  • Content Organization: The way you organize the content on your website will also affect SEO. Content that is organized logically will be easier for browsers to find and read so they will stay on your site longer increasing chances of a conversion.
  • Content Promotion: Promoting your content will boost SEO. Be sure to share your blogs on social media channels and use internal and external links to increase visibility. 

This all might seem easy enough to do, but to get the best results from your content, you will want to hire professional SEO writing services. Their experience will allow them to work quickly and efficiently to come up with the content that boosts your business and they can also promote it, so it gets maximum exposure. 

Furthermore, if you are relying on yourself and your staff to create content for your business, you are wasting resources that may be better spent elsewhere. Using SEO blog writing services is a time and cost-effective solution that can get you the results you are looking for. 

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing SEO Content Writing

There are several pros and cons to consider in making the decision as to whether or not you want to outsource content writing. Here are a few you will want to think about.


  • Cost-Effective: Some business owners might see hiring an SEO article writing service as an added expense. However, when you consider the time and effort you or your staff members are spending on content writing, hiring SEO content writing services is a cost-effective solution. Professionals will also have the tools to make your content look terrific saving you money that you might have to end up investing in graphic software. 
  • They Get Results: The expertise an SEO content writer can bring to the table is worth its weight in gold. The increase in traffic and business will provide a high ROI that justifies the investment. 
  • Larger Team: When you hire SEO friendly content writing services, you get a bigger team working for you. This includes writers and well as marketing experts, graphic designers and more. The combined efforts of these individuals are likely to get you the results you are looking for.


  • Finding Qualified Subject Matter Expert: The subject matter of your blogs is very important. You need to find something engaging and relevant to write about and a Subject Matter Expert can help you come up with the best topics. Often times, the best subject matter expert will be someone who is familiar with your industry and even someone who works in your company as opposed to someone who is outsourced. This is one reason outsourcing may be problematic, but it can be remedied if the content writers agree to work with the SME’s you recommend.
  • Finding the Best SEO Writing Service: It’s important to find the best SEO writing service for your business. You need to find someone who is familiar with your industry and can get you the results you need without taking shortcuts. If you end up with the wrong company, it could be a huge waste of time and money.
  • Divided Attention: The team you hire will have other clients. Therefore, you may need to jockey for their attention. Try to find an SEO blog writing services that have staff members that will be specifically devoted to your project.  

Is Purchasing SEO Articles Form a Content Mill a Good Idea?

A content mill is a company that provides cheap website content to companies. Some companies may think it’s a good idea to purchase SEO content writing services from a content mill because it’s an inexpensive way to get content. But in the long run, this could be a move that hurts your site more than it helps it. 

Google has certain guidelines that determine what type of content will or will not make it to the top of search engine pages.

Here are some of the regulations that Google recommends writers follow: 

  • Create engaging content readers will want to read; don’t cater to search engines
  • Provide useful content that adds value
  • Avoid loading up pages with irrelevant keywords
  • Content should be unique, relevant and factual
  • Writing should be high quality and well edited

Content mill content writers check off very few off these boxes. Content mills pay their writers very low wages, so they tend not to get the most experienced staff. This doesn’t bode well when it comes to creating engaging and unique SEO content writing. 


Hiring SEO content writing services has some drawbacks, but overall, it’s a good move for companies to make. It drives more traffic to websites increasing your conversion rates. It frees up the time business owners and their staff could be spending focusing on matters they are more adept at handling and it can provide a high ROI when it comes to increasing your bottom line. 

While some SEO content writing services will only provide you with SEO content, others will go above and beyond working to promote and market your content so it will have the greatest reach possible. They can also format your blog properly and provide graphics and images that will get it noticed. 

Of course, you can face problems when using someone else to express the voice of your company, but you can get around this by using an SME from your company to collaborate with the professional content writers you are hiring. Working with SEO writing services that have prior experience in your industry will also be helpful.

SEO content writing services can give your business the boost it needs. Research carefully to find the content writers that are right for you and find out how they can help your company grow.